Monday, February 28, 2011

Our students working in orphanages

 James 1:27

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

One of our students, Elda, came to us from an orphanage in the Central American country of Honduras where she had been working for several years. Her duties at the orphanage included: getting the girls ready for the day, making sure they were fed, playing with them, teaching them school, and caring for them. She was "Mamá" to 30 girls. Feeling inadequate in her teaching abilities, she started looking for a school to attend to equip herself for the better of the children, and by the wonders of God, she came to us.

Elda has been such a blessing to us these past three years as she has blossomed even more as a person. Her organization skills and leadership qualities have put her as a key member on both our APEN (child evangelism) and Leadership teams. This year she will be graduating with certificates and her plan is to head back to Honduras and apply the knowledge and skills she has learned to her taking care of the young girls; also, one of our other prized students, Lidia, who is graduating with a bachelors this May, will be accompanying Elda to work at the orphanage.

Elda has told us how she had never talked to any of the little girls about becoming saved before because she had never known how to approach the topic, however, now that she is more than experienced in the area of child evangelism, she is most excited to return for the reason of talking to the girls about Jesus. Lidia, also, will be able to evangelize to the girls with her excellence in this area.

These two ladies are running into a make-or-break problem, however; they have to raise enough funds to get passports and travel down to Honduras. These two compassionate, benevolent young women have a selfless dream and calling to help these young girls grow up with love, and if it is in God's will, they will go.

If God puts it on your heart and you would like to make a financial contribution, you can send a check to: Tecate Mission
PO Box 1000
Tecate, CA 91980
Made out to: Tecate Mission
Earmarked (memo): IBTMI Honduras Trip

Or if you have any questions, you can email Kent and Lila at
If a contribution is not something that God has laid on your heart, then if you would be praying for the provision for these two young ladies, for their calling and for their paths.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light in the Darkest Places

One of our strongest areas of instruction here at the BI is one of the most precious and vital forms of witnessing: child evangelism. Our method of pursuing and teaching this happens to be through the well-known, efficient organization, CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) which was established in 1937 and has been producing well-written curriculum and visual aids for many years. Lila happens to be the director of APEN (the Spanish translation of CEF) in all of Baja-California, Mexico. Needless to say, she keeps pretty busy and is fortunately blessed with a strong team all throughout Mexico that coordinates in spreading the news to these precious little ones.

An activity strongly encouraged in CEF/APEN is to form Good News Clubs for the kids to come have fun and learn about the love of Jesus. Our students here at the BI have formed several of these clubs throughout Tecate. They gather the kids by going door-to-door and personally inviting them and they all meet together at a certain time in a certain place: parks, dumps, homes, etc.

One of the clubs that was originally formed by a fellow TMI member and staff member at the BI, Marbella, was compassion-inspired. The kids of this particular club come from a slum apartment complex where the worst of the worst takes place: incest, drug dealing, drug taking, drinking, and more--the kids are pulled into this at very young ages. This complex is infamous for these terrible, treacherous things, and these kids are stuck with no way out.

Marbella started up the club once a week, and after it was established, passed it on to some of our students. It was a challenge, to say the least. You can only imagine how these broken children would have behaved. The students were sending kids home every week; in a few cases the guys would have to physically restrain the kids from injuring others; one child broke our student's glasses. But these students of ours have heart, dedication, compassion, and grace--in this way they reflect the heart of Jesus. He came to the earth to bring love, but instead he was rejected and persecuted, but he, too, had heart, dedication, compassion, and grace. Praise Him!

Back to the club story, the students came up with the notion of visiting the homes of the children individually; having no fear that God would be with them. The children who had misbehaved at the clubs answered their doors with fear that the students were coming to inform their parents of their bad attitudes and misbehavior--instead the students had just come to thank the parents for letting the kids attend. When the kids saw this, they noted the heart, dedication, compassion, and grace of our students, they felt the love, and their own hearts were changed. Since those home visits, the club has been transformed; the children our pleasant and enthusiastic about learning the Word of God. Of course, like typical children, they have to be reprimanded here and their, but it is nothing like it was before. God is amazing and we are honored to serve Him!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

APEN Conference

We have two APEN (Child Evangelism Fellowship) conferences coming up this Saturday: one in Tijuana and one in Tecate. We are blessed with a large, strong APEN team which makes it possible for us to divide and do to conferences in two different cities at the same time.

At these conferences we will be demonstrating methods to Sunday school teachers and club leaders of fun ways to get the kids excited about Jesus as well as saved. It’s a fruitful ministry, however it takes a lot of organization, preparation, and work in general. Please keep us in your prayers that God would give us energy and clear minds to accomplish His work.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacation and First Day Back

Winter vacation went swell! Everyone had a great time celebrating Navidad and New Years together here at the BI. A few of the students and staff went away for part of the break to visit family and friends.

In one of our next posts we will be sure to post a few pictures of the celebrations held at the BI!

Today was the first day of the second semester of this school year. Because we didn't have any new students, there was no need for another orientation, however, we did review some of the rules. Mondays are always work days for the students, and today was the first Monday of the new work schedule that will aid in efficiency. Today we were also able to get all the students signed up for this term's classes which will begin tomorrow. We are blessed with an awesome team of professors this term--we're all really looking forward to seeing the success of it!

We appreciate your prayers! God bless!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Update on Kent

Kent was officially released from the hospital. He was admitted last Wednesday morning for internal bleeding.They stayed in the hospital six days for blood transfusions--due to massive blood loss (1/3 of his body's supply)--following the diagnosis of having several Divertics and a torn-up stomach. After a strict liquid diet, 2 colonoscopies, and finally being able to tolerate solid food, Kent was released Monday afternoon. Since then, Kent and Lila have been staying with Kent's mother in San Diego while he recuperates. Kent and Lila have been back to the BI twice during the day to catch-up on things, teach, and visit with the students. Kent is still a bit weak, but is definitely healing up and regaining his energy and color--Praise the Lord!

We are so blessed with an efficient, dependable leadership team at the BI:  Juan, Marbella, Ester, and Martin have all taken charge while Kent and Lila have been absent--they have made sure things run smoothly.
Also, many of the students expressed their concern for Kent with prayer during morning Devotional, asking Lynda, Marbella, and Ester for updates, and even requesting Lynda's phone to call Kent and Lila to personally check up on them.

Thank you so very much for your prayers! We serve a faithful God!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving pics!

From babies to young adults, everyone came to join in on the Thanksgiving day fun!
(Elda, baby Abril)

 ...crowding around to play games like dominoes...
(Keila, Lila, Silbano, Beto, & Gloria)

(Sirvando, Enoc, Daniela, and Mari-Chuy's son)

(Elias, Hernan, Hugo, & Lidia)

...everyone had a lot of fun being together...
(Leti, Gloria)

 Even Kim--Lila and Kent's daughter--came down to join the fun!

(Mari-Chuy, David, Daniela)
(Estabon, Lola, Lore, and Danielita)

 ...and more games!
(Enoc and Keila)

 Being together was what made it fun!
(Aqui, Elda, and Jocabed)

(Rebeka, Sirvando, Ami, Luz, Marbe, Danielita)


Many were camera shy...
(Keila, Juanita, Lila)

 ...but we got a few precious shots.
(Marbella, David)

 Our new commercial stove/oven!

 Many insisted on helping out in the kitchen.
(Lila, Lynda, Elda)

 (Kent, Marbella)


 And the games continued up until the meal...
 (Marbe, Luci, Aqui, Abigail)

 tug-o-war, even!
(Lola, Hector, Aqui, Efrain, and Alex)

What a cutie!

Keila got the bigger half!
(Lynda, Keila)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Learning How to be Blind

It's official, as far as the doctors are concerned, that Rigo will be forever blind. We still trust that God has a plan, and trust Him in whatever that may be--blindness or sight.
Until something else occurs, Rigo has accepted his situation and is determined to take advantage of opportunities to continue to conquer life, serving Christ. To do this, as a blind man, he has started attending an Institute for the Blind in Tijuana that we were referred to by one of his ophthalmologists. Little did we know when we sent Rigo and Kent for an orientation, that it happens to be a Christian-run institute (we had previously assumed it would  be government-run). What a blessing for Rigo to be learning his new lifestyle in a Christian facility with an entire Christian staff.
But that's not all! The Institute provides daily devotionals, however, none of the men have been trained in that arena so in their words are just "doing what they can" to provide an encouraging devotional every day; Rigo has been a student of the BI for 3 years now and one of his trainings has, in fact, been bringing devotionals. This would be the perfect opportunity for him to bless others' lives with the tools he has been equipped with here. How cool is our God?

Please continue to pray for Rigo and his family, especially his wife whom is having difficulty accepting his new lifestyle. God knows what's best for them! Amen!